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"The perfect superhero comic for anyone missingInvincible..." - Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead,Invincible)RADIANT BLACK is the first seriesin Image Comic's MASSIVE-VERSE, the most acclaimed new series of2021!Visionary writer Kyle Higgins (MightyMorphin Power Rangers, Ultraman) and artist Marcelo Costa reinvent super heroesfor a new generation! Nathan Burnett has just turned thirty and things aren'tgreat he's working (and failing) at two jobs, his credit card debt is piling upand his only move... is moving back home with hisparents. But when Nathan discovers theethereal, cosmic RADIANT, he's given the power to radically change hisfortunes...unless the Cosmic Beings who created them succeed in taking them backby any means necessary.

Oh, and did we mention there's a RED RADIANT who wantsNathan dead? The next must-read comic book series STARTSHERE. Collects RADIANT BLACK#1-6WHAT IS THEMASSIVE-VERSE?Kyle Higgins & Marcelo Costa'sbreakout hit Radiant Black took superhero storytelling to new heights. ButRadiant Black isn't the only character inhabiting the MASSIVE-VERSE.

There's awhole universe for readers to explore! Characters like Rogue Sun, Inferno GirlRed, The Dead Lucky and more yet to be revealed each of them has a differentstory to tell, different adversaries to face and they each occupy a verydifferent corner of this shared universe. What are you waiting for? Now's thetime to get into the MASSIVE-VERSE!

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